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7 Marketing Tips Every Home Seller Can UseSelling a home may easily be the largest transaction most people will be involved in. While it takes determination and focus to sell a home, most home sellers are not real estate experts, but using some expert marketing could really help with selling a home. With these tips, sellers can increase their home's exposure and ensure that the right buyers find it quickly.

Get a Reliable Agent

Every aspect of the home selling process demands expertise. Sellers who try to handle it on their own are more likely to price the home incorrectly and possibly lose money on the transaction. A reliable agent who is experienced in the use of modern home marketing tools will be able to help sellers target their selling tactics to the right arenas. This way,

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What To Do About a Pest InfestationA musty odor or greasy trail may be signs that one or more pests have taken up residence in your home. Homeowners can take steps to address pest infestations at early stages or reach out to an exterminator. A pest infestation cannot only be annoying, but lead to a flare-up of symptoms related to existing health conditions and reduce the value of a home, making it harder to sell the home. Know how to detect a pest infestation and determine your best options.

Termites Will Chew Through Your Home

Termites are a serious issue. These pests consume wood and can destroy important structures in the home, such as support beams. Termites can infest wooden structures, furniture and antiques. Tap the wood and hear a hollow sound? That may indicate that

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Common Challenges of Selling Raw LandRaw land refers to natural property that has never been built upon before, and it's just one of the many choices investors have when it comes to real estate. The idea behind buying raw land is to do so in an area that is likely to become valuable soon (e.g., near an expanding city or by a new block of businesses.) Once the area starts to boom, the owner can sell the raw land to a business owner or a developer who is willing to pay a substantial premium for the land. But buying and selling raw land is not nearly as simple as it sounds, so it helps to understand the pitfalls before moving forward and to work with the right real estate agent.

It May Take a While

If, say, a new Amazon warehouse was recently confirmed to open in a specific city,

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Closing Cost Guide for HomebuyersHome buying is full of words like escrow, equity, and amortization, and it's easy for people to nod along when they hear them even if they don't understand exactly what each term means. Closing costs refer to the fees paid to all parties involved in the sale of the home, and they have a tendency to add up if buyers just accept each cost as-is. How much a person pays is dependent upon where they live and what type of loan they choose, but buyers may still have more influence than they think.

A Brief Overview

Closing costs generally total between 2 – 5% of the purchase price of the home. They include standard services, such as inspector or appraisal costs, as well as fees paid to the lender, title company, and city officials. Each buyer has

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Homeowners Insurance Guide for Home BuyersHomeowners insurance helps protect homeowners from financial liability after a covered disaster occurs. Home buyers who are beginning the home purchasing process often spend time researching insurance and obtaining quotes from insurance agencies. Knowing the benefit of homeowners insurance and how to save money on a policy can come in handy when trying to purchase a home.

Homeowners Insurance May Be Required

Anyone getting a mortgage will be required by the lender to get homeowners insurance. This protects the mortgage insurance company's investment throughout the life of the loan. Homeowners who get insurance and who allow it to lapse may be forced to pay for insurance coverage through their lender.

Home buyers who pay for their home with

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How To Sell a Home In a Buyer's Market"Buyer's market" is a term that describes what happens when real estate inventory is high and prices are low. Under these conditions, buyers have their pick of a number of houses in their price range. Selling a house in a buyer's market can be a challenge because many sellers find they must lower their price or accept that it will take longer to sell their home. Fortunately, there are ways that sellers can make their home more attractive to buyers. These tips can help make a home more attractive to buyers, which in turn can help sell a property more quickly.

Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is what makes a home look beautiful when the buyer shows up. Everything that can be seen from the street contributes to curb appeal including siding,

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How to Choose a Down PaymentWhen it comes to home buying, the down payment is often the foundation for every other financial decision that comes next. Typically, the more equity homeowners have in the home, the lower their interest rates and monthly payments. However, the down payment is just one cost of many when it comes to homeownership, and it is easy for buyers to opt for the bare minimums. Learning about the many options available can be the key to determining just how much money a down payment will cost.

The Ideal Scenario

No matter what type of loan a homeowner takes out, the goal is often at least 20% of the purchase price. This establishes a strong amount of equity in the home immediately and may even result in monthly payments being easier to handle. For most

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How Do You Maintain a Metal Roof?A quality metal roof can last for many years and is one of many roofing material options for homeowners. However, all roofs require some level of regular maintenance. Oftentimes, this amounts to a visual inspection of the roof, but a roof may require two or more thorough inspections a year in areas with high snow climates or that experience major storms. Homeowners who do not care for their metal roofs can dramatically shorten the expected lifespan of the roof through leaks and roof damage.

Learn more about the maintenance requirements of metal roofing, signs of roof damage and how hail damage can cause serious consequences for homeowners when left unaddressed.

How to Regularly Maintain a Metal Roof

Taking care of obvious signs of roof

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What Taxes Do You Pay When Selling A Vacation Home? American homeowners may be unaware of the important differences that may apply when selling vacation home or a primary residence. Of course, the IRS will want its share of any profits from a sale. However, primary residences, vacation homes used for personal enjoyment, and vacation homes purchased as an investment property all have different taxation concerns.

As always, taxation regulations may change. Therefore, it is best to speak with a trusted tax accountant prior to selling either a primary residence or a vacation home.Get insight on a few of the considerations that may apply to the sale of different types of property and potentially reduce tax burden.

Selling a Primary Residence

The sale of a primary residence may result in the

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What You Need To Know to Get a VA LoanVA loans offer premium benefits over traditional loans for our military members and their loved ones, so it's important for eligible individuals to understand how they work before they apply. Terms can vary based on a number of factors, such as location and military background. See how it works before getting started.

Who Quaifies? VA Loan Requirements

To qualify for a VA loan, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force members needs to have served 181 days during peacetime or 90 days during an active war. If the applicant is in the National Guard or the Reserves, they're eligible for a VA loan after six years of service. VA loans may be granted to the spouses of members who passed away during active duty. Applicants are normally

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